If you ever loved..

When you see your lover -Your wish from life-
appearing just before your eyes,
close them.. and stand with him..
because if you open your eyes, you’ll see his picture..
But when you close them..
you will see his meaning…!


Arabization of the Computer.. all you have to do is "To do"..!!

I know it seems like stupid to right about Arabization -turn the computer look and feel and work from English to Arabic- in my English blog, But I really have a very good reason..
you are Arabic person reading an English blog (You could be not Arabic if you want to.. but I mean Arabs here), which means you love computer.. so you learnd English to use it easly or you proceed through because you speak English already, and means also you were in the darknesses of despair before 1995 when Microsoft sympathize with you and made an Arabic iterface for windows.. but you convinced yourself from 95 till Vista that those Arabic GUIs (Graphic User Interface)s are dumb and the true computer language is English..
You maybe right in one thing: Windows Arabic GUIs are dumb.. pretty dumb..because from 95 till now arabic is NOT fully supported in Windows..! the interface had never been fully translated, and many programs had difficulties to work under Arabic version (Microsoft never used multi language interface till Vista appeared).

Linux with Arabic interface.. click the photo to look closer 😉

After the urge for Arabic is killed in many expert computer users, some fresh users joined and wanted to use Arabic. they heard about Linux and open source programs, but they weren’t fresh enough to convert themselves from windows that easy. they alse learned -which was right then- that Linux Don’t support Arabic but this is another story..
Linux is a free community.. which means there is no Microsoft to blame.. for example, when I got my first Linux cd and start installing it, I went crazy..! in “choosing language” screen there was something like 100 language including some you never know that is exists..! it is discrimination..? I also was stupid enough to think so especially when I found Hebrew..!
but as I said, there is no Microsoft to blame.. also there is no discrimination there..
Linux is a free open community of programmers all around the world.. and when linux speaks a language, you have to know that some language speaking programmers wanted to translate Linux from English to their language.. thats what happen in Hebrew and Xhosa and any of these languages.. Arabic not included simply because Arabic programmers didn’t bother to translate Linux to Arabic, because they used to use it in English, and we also used to import technology not to produce it, and this is a pretty hard work -which means is not impossible- to turn an English speaking system to Arabic, considering stuff like switching text direction and connecting letters to each other and kashida and other things..
But now, things are better.. almost 60 or 70% of Linux distributions -I’ll tell you later what a distribution is-has an Arabic interface or at least Arabic support.. Also, arabs had begun to make their very own distributions (they made 10 or so)
So, we woke up.. late as usual but we did..
We learned how to “do” not to “wait”..!!

When thoughts sneeze..

I could say that when thoughts sneeze, it does that suddenly.. for example I was suppose to write that post tomorrow.. but could you stop yourself sneezing when you want to..?
Something else.. a friend -a college in my newspaper- told me that if you catch a cold, you better take this description: eat fish, eat eggs, drink milk..! I know that you recognized the face of suicide in this thing, but if you think again, those things will just make the cold harder.. and Cold is just like a course,the harder it gets the sooner it end.. what this description does is just speeding the wheel..
that’s another common thing..
You can’t control a thought.. and when it comes, just feed its hunger to end it fast..
or as I said in Fa7maya فحماية : the right word is an ember in your chest, it won’t mercy you unless you spit it out..
A philosopher..? oh yeah.. I heard it a lot already.. almost every time I opened my mouth in somebody’s face..!
To be back soon..

الدنيا لسه تربتيت…!

عايز آخد رأيكم في المشروع ده.. (بالمناسبة هو ذاته نفس المشروع اللي رضوى بتسأل عنه قي الشات بتاع المدونة..)
مدونة جماعية (زي بحب السيما بتاعة هيما كده) لكن موضوعها هذه المرة هو الموسيقى.. نتكلم فيها عن الظواهر الموسيقية الفارقة على الساحة الغنائية.. زي وجيه عزيز وميادة باسيليس وسعاد ماسي.. وخالد الشيخ..! (الأخير ده أنا اللي ح اتكلم عنه )
آراء وأفكار بسرعة..
ح احاول التزم بالمجيء يوميا زي ما قلت وأطلت في “فيصل أباد”…

عودة فيصل أباد

شيء عجيب جدا..
لأمر ما مش شايف Create post في مدونتي فحماية بتطلع لي صفحة بيضا تماما..
ما علينا أنا جيت أقول لكم اني أعدت فتح “فيصل أباد” من جديد كمدونة إنجليزية
وما تأخذونيش على الأخطاء لأني مش شايف فعلا باكتب إيه
رابط المدونة في البروفايل بتاعي..
ملحوظة : أنا مش ح اقفل المدونة دي (كالعادة).. كل ما هنالك إني ح اشتغل عربي وانجليزي…

Commitment and disclaimer..!

Rule n# 1:
I will commit that I’ll try the idea of “blogging habit” and to do little blogging every day before the newspaper time -I became a journalist if you haven’t knew yet- as long as I have an internet connection in my PC and thoughts in my mind and coffee to drink…

Rule n# 2:
CORRECT ME whenever you can.. consider yourself an English teacher and myself as a first grade student.. but don’t play fool trying to do that in Arabic because I am Arabic teacher and poet and novelist and critic too..!

Rule n# 3:
As a Faisslabad citizen -I’m talking about YOU here- you are a lucky citizen also because your ruler -Me- has opened THIS post as a parliament you can request any thing or any case to be talked in.. so, don’t hesitate to use it.. many nations did &.. regrets..!

Rule n# 4:
I’ll create a label for computers and software very soon.. and when I say “computers and software” I mean:
1- Hardware New technologies
2- Open source Software (and ONLY open source software.. you can go anywhere to know about closed source software but not here.. and as Mohammed Al Shrkaouy “the owner of Malamih Publishing House“said: the house is for publishing anti-system and liberal voice.. you can go to any “National” newspaper or Publishing House and hypocrite the government as you like.. but I’ll commit to my thoughts and that is democracy..!”)
3- Linux reviews and howtos (if you are a windows addict, don’t worry at all..! I’ll help you to get rid of this addiction..!)
4- May be some games too, but this is not promise.. I still a cheater gamer till now..!!

Rule n# 5
referring to rule n# 4, this is NOT A TECHNICAL BLOG..! this basically political and Literary blog.. in my spare time I maybe speak in technical issues like computers and linux and so..

Rule n# 6
Don’t be so mean to count how many times I said “I”..!! I use it too much and Ican’t help it..!

see you tomorrow if I was a responsible person and If I don’t get myself fired…

A bunch of guns..!

..is the best gift to those who inspired me making this blog..
Elsa Raspakh
George Galloway
John Reece
Neveen Sameer
Mohammed Sameer (of EGlug)
an anonymous old girlfriend..
Big Poppa E (the American slam poet)
PyroFalkon (your Sims FAQs and your blog are so great..!)

I was saying, this is the best gift for great stragglers like yourselves..