Commitment and disclaimer..!

Rule n# 1:
I will commit that I’ll try the idea of “blogging habit” and to do little blogging every day before the newspaper time -I became a journalist if you haven’t knew yet- as long as I have an internet connection in my PC and thoughts in my mind and coffee to drink…

Rule n# 2:
CORRECT ME whenever you can.. consider yourself an English teacher and myself as a first grade student.. but don’t play fool trying to do that in Arabic because I am Arabic teacher and poet and novelist and critic too..!

Rule n# 3:
As a Faisslabad citizen -I’m talking about YOU here- you are a lucky citizen also because your ruler -Me- has opened THIS post as a parliament you can request any thing or any case to be talked in.. so, don’t hesitate to use it.. many nations did &.. regrets..!

Rule n# 4:
I’ll create a label for computers and software very soon.. and when I say “computers and software” I mean:
1- Hardware New technologies
2- Open source Software (and ONLY open source software.. you can go anywhere to know about closed source software but not here.. and as Mohammed Al Shrkaouy “the owner of Malamih Publishing House“said: the house is for publishing anti-system and liberal voice.. you can go to any “National” newspaper or Publishing House and hypocrite the government as you like.. but I’ll commit to my thoughts and that is democracy..!”)
3- Linux reviews and howtos (if you are a windows addict, don’t worry at all..! I’ll help you to get rid of this addiction..!)
4- May be some games too, but this is not promise.. I still a cheater gamer till now..!!

Rule n# 5
referring to rule n# 4, this is NOT A TECHNICAL BLOG..! this basically political and Literary blog.. in my spare time I maybe speak in technical issues like computers and linux and so..

Rule n# 6
Don’t be so mean to count how many times I said “I”..!! I use it too much and Ican’t help it..!

see you tomorrow if I was a responsible person and If I don’t get myself fired…


2 thoughts on “Commitment and disclaimer..!

  1. Hi Camellia..
    it seems you you got your Visa to Faisslabad from Ibraheem’s blog “Ana w Ana” & this is okey with me becouse he’s a loyal friend to our glorious country..
    I promised I’ll try hard but promise me also that you someday willl tell me how to give my blog a whole new design as you did in your blog 😉
    Greetings from your humble president..

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