When thoughts sneeze..

I could say that when thoughts sneeze, it does that suddenly.. for example I was suppose to write that post tomorrow.. but could you stop yourself sneezing when you want to..?
Something else.. a friend -a college in my newspaper- told me that if you catch a cold, you better take this description: eat fish, eat eggs, drink milk..! I know that you recognized the face of suicide in this thing, but if you think again, those things will just make the cold harder.. and Cold is just like a course,the harder it gets the sooner it end.. what this description does is just speeding the wheel..
that’s another common thing..
You can’t control a thought.. and when it comes, just feed its hunger to end it fast..
or as I said in Fa7maya فحماية : the right word is an ember in your chest, it won’t mercy you unless you spit it out..
A philosopher..? oh yeah.. I heard it a lot already.. almost every time I opened my mouth in somebody’s face..!
To be back soon..


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