believing in..what..?!!

Can you believe in God..?
I didn’t ask “do you” I asked “can you”..! I’m trying being accurate here..
If you believe that world is the living proof for the existence of the Creator.. Can you -once more- believe in religion..?
can you pass all these differences, misunderstanding, conflicts, and the truth that saying: almost every religion has split into many different parties.. and each party claims to be the correct truth of te religion.. considering other parties being infidel…!
and more, each party rely on “historical facts” and if you followed each fact of each party you will discover that it can be true and can be false.. with no preference to one side..
can you bypass these parties to the common truth of religion..?
no, you can’t. you just can’t coz these differences are just too deepin the origins of your religion..
so.. what’s the answer can be..?
The alternative is stupid and incorrect too.. being godless…
you can’t disprove a fact after you already proved it..!
let’s make a discussion.. I’m clueless.


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