Eirik Ott or Big Poppa E.. How could you stop loving this poetry..?!

This is how I Knew about Big Poppa E and Slam poetry..

It’s all started some months ago..
I was trying to install Mac OS on my PC (the OSx86 thing.. installing Mac os on common PCs using an altered DVD).. I learned then something very important.. if you use Asus X series motherboards (very common in Egypt) then forget about Mac.. it will never recognize your audio or ethernet device which mean that every time you wanna browse the net you will have to restart losing a very important reason for installing Mac: doing great job on the net. I also learned to never buy any MB with SiS or RealTek devices.. they’re so damn unsupported.. 😡
Back to -I just damn hate the digression..!!- Big Poppa E.. I was searching YouTube for Apple Videos when I found this video: “why I got fired from apple computer” an older version from the one above..
I said: “Wow cool..! I wanna hear more of this guy..!” I googled till I found his website (if these words were broken, how the sound words will look like..?!)
this poet gotta very special dictionary.. and a very special usage of this dictionary..!
I’m really happy finding this man who make me reconsider the American poetry and introduced to the new wave of it..
Sidenote: If you did’nt like the post’s title, you are not alone buddy.. me too! but I squeezed my mind for a better one in vain..


If you ever loved..

When you see your lover -Your wish from life-
appearing just before your eyes,
close them.. and stand with him..
because if you open your eyes, you’ll see his picture..
But when you close them..
you will see his meaning…!